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Aug 02, 2023
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Saudi Islamic Scholar Assim Al-Hakeem: 9/11 Was Fabricated — You Cannot Expect Me To Believe That A Bunch Of Illiterate Arabs Could Fly Planes So Precisely; This Was An 'Orchestrated Demolition'

#10466 | 03:11
Source: Online Platforms - "Dondy Tan on YouTube"

Saudi Islamic scholar Assim Al-Hakeem said in an interview with Indonesian podcaster Dondy Tan that the 9/11 attacks were "fabricated" and that it was impossible for "a bunch of illiterate Arabs" to have successfully piloted the planes into the towers, since this is a difficult task even for professional pilots. Rather, he said that the attack was an "orchestrated demolition" that involved timed explosions. He dismissed Tan's suggestion that 3,000 Jews had not showed up to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11 as a "conspiracy theory," and he said that he does not base his knowledge on "hearsay." The interview was uploaded to Dondy Tan's YouTube channel with Indonesian subtitles on July 29, 2023, and an edited clip of the interview was posted on Assim Al-Hakeem's official YouTube channel on August 2, 2023.

Assim Al-Hakeem: "[When] 9/11 took place, I said live in CNN and on other channels that this was fabricated. You do not expect me to believe that a bunch of illiterate Arabs, who don't know how to speak English, would be able to fly a jetliner and maneuver between skyscrapers, in a naval or air force approach, and then strike twice without missing these two buildings, when they can't even fly a normal private single-propeller plane.

"I personally asked two of the royal pilots with experience of over 30 years: 'Can you, as experienced [Boeing] 747 pilots do this?' They said to me: 'We tried this last week on a simulator. We set the settings and the instruments exactly the same time as the Twin Towers and my brother here, the captain, we tried and we missed three times."

Interviewer: "From how many trials?"

Al-Hakeem: "Three times, they tried."

Interviewer: "They tried three times, and then..."

Al-Hakeem: "And the fourth time, they made it."

Interviewer: "Oh, I see."

Al-Hakeem: "So these are experienced pilots. So if you tell me that this was staged, I would say: 100%. But look what happened, everyone would expect that people would hate Islam, would reject Islam, [but] on the contrary, in the first week, 35,000 accepted Islam in America."

Interviewer: "Yes, yes..."

Al-Hakeem: "Because of what? This is in Alah's hands. This is Allah's way of guiding people to Islam. So, we do what we do, but Allah – at the end of the day – does what He does."

Interviewer: "I read somewhere, that on that day, 3,000 Jews did not go to work [at the WTC]."

Al-Hakeem: "This is a conspiracy theory. I don't base my knowledge or my thoughts on hearsay. I base it on facts. These are two pilots that I know personally, who said, we've tried it three times and missed. These are logical things, if you have a skyscraper, and you hit the top, the bottom would not collapse, it would melt, it would bend – but to go down like an orchestrated demolition... This means that you can see that this has been staged."

Interviewer: "Something exploded below."

Al-Hakeem: "On [the same] timing."

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