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Feb 13, 2005
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A Saudi Counter-Terrorism Drama

#552 | 04:36
Source: Channel 1 (Saudi Arabia)

The following are excerpts from a short drama that was aired in the framework of the Saudi Counter-Terrorism TV campaign. Channel 1 of the Saudi TV aired this drama on February 13, 2005:

Hassan: Thank you very much. Be well. Thank you, thank you, Abu Nasser.

Abu Yihyah: Congratulations, brother Hassan.

Hassan: I'm very happy to hear the news. May you enjoy raising him. From now on, may I call you 'Abu Ahmad?'

Hassan: Thank you very much. Allah be praised, Abu Yihya. Whoever trusts Allah will never be disappointed. Finally, after six years I've got a child.

Abu Yihyah: I pray that you raise him with joy. You still haven't told me, has the mother been released from hospital?

Hassan: She's still in hospital, but I'm going to pick her up this afternoon. Allow me… Hello, my dear. How are you? I will pick you up this afternoon, when I finish work. But listen, keep an eye on Ahmad.

Terrorist A: Any further orders?

Commander: No, nothing. Get going. When you get there call me. Move. Allah willing

Yes, the car with the explosives has arrived… 'The flour'… The flour has arrived, and the other car should be coming too, Allah willing.

Terrorist B: There is a checkpoint here... What will we do now?… Where will you go?

Terrorist A: There are cars behind me, I can't… Come on!

Terrorist B: What are we supposed to do now?

Terrorist A: I'll get out of this lane, and you shoot, so they'll open the road for us…

Terrorist B: OK.

Terrorist A: Just shoot… Shoot.

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