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Aug 24, 2016
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Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Shemali: Women in the West Suffer Humiliation and Degradation

#5648 | 02:08
Source: Al-Ahwaz TV (Saudi Arabia)

Saudi cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Shemali, speaking on the Saudi Al-Ahwaz TV channel, said that women in the West live "a bitter reality" of humiliation and degradation. Unlike Muslim society, in which "the woman is protected," Western women are "corrupted" by having more than one sexual partner, he said. The interview aired on the Saudi Al-Ahwaz TV channel on August 24.


Following are excerpts



Muhammad Al-Shemali: When we talk about the women of the West, we are talking about a bitter reality, which is the daily life of women there. This is not a happy reality. The women in those Western societies are suffering. Unfortunately, what the media shows us are some aspects - the prompt smiles and happiness - inviting (our) women to live in similar societies. The truth is that (the Western women) wish that they could live like Muslims. Why? Because they have known humiliation and degradation, which they do not see among Muslim women, who are honored by Islam.



Islam honored women, but then along came those licentious infidels, and invented all forms of humiliation of women. Let me give you some examples. Naturally, some sisters might be saying: "In Western societies, they have freedom and equality."



Interviewer: The media is constantly harping on about freedom, about equality, about women being men's partners, and so on.



But what is the true situation?



Muhammad Al-Shemali: When a purported claim does not correspond to reality, it's a catastrophe.






In Western societies, where they purport to be free, the man lives with several lovers...



Interviewer: In addition to his wife...



Muhammad Al-Shemali: Never mind his wife. Lovers... By nature, when a woman loves a man, she loves only one man...



Interviewer: And she is loyal to him.



Muhammad Al-Shemali: Exactly.






In Western societies, women have sex with more than one man. They have a husband as well as a lover. This leads to women's corruption.






In Muslim society, the woman is protected, and so, only her husband may have sex with her. This protects the woman, whose nature dictates this.





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