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Apr 01, 2009
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Sami Gemayel, Son of Former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel: Anti-Israeli Resistance Should Move from Lebanon to Syria

#2118 | 01:54
Source: Al-Arabiya Network (Dubai/Saudi Arabia)

Following is an interview with Sami Gemayel, son of former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel, which aired on Al-Arabiya TV on April 1, 2009:

Sami Gemayel: An ever-lasting resistance for the sake of victory for the Palestinian people, and working together in order to turn Lebanon into a second Gaza, is one option, but I think Lebanon has paid enough of the price of war and of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Today, Lebanon has earned the right to pass the torch to another country, which would do its duty, and make a quarter, or even ten percent, of the sacrifices made by Lebanon. Take, for example, our sister country, our friendly neighbor, which would always watch us from the sidelines – I am talking about Syria, of course. Why shouldn't Syria also bear some of the burden of this conflict and resistance?


In my opinion, Lebanon deserves to live in peace for a while. We have adopted the option of neutrality. Some people say: "Whoever wants to live in a natural country should go live on some island." We say: "Whoever wants to wage war should go wage it on some island."


What is this lie that they are telling? Israel withdrew behind the Blue Line in 2000, in accordance with Resolution 425. According to international law, Lebanon was liberated of any occupation. Today, they say: "There's still the issue of the Shaba' Farms." We all know that this is a pretext to keep the resistance in Lebanon. We all know this. Everybody knows that the problem of the Shaba’ Farms will only be resolved between Lebanon and Syria, once Syria officially acknowledges to the U.N. that this area belongs to Lebanon.

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