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Aug 13, 2023
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Russian Volunteer Soldiers In Orenburg Region Complain About The Region's Governor: Our Region Has Lots Of Oil And Gas, Yet The Governor Can't Pay Us Enough To Afford Utilities, Electricity For Our Families

#10448 | 01:29
Source: Online Platforms - "the Pozdnyakov 3.0 on Telegram"

On August 13, 2023, the Pozdnyakov 3.0 Telegram channel shared a video showing a group of volunteer soldiers from Russia's Orenburg region expressing protest over the region's governor. Addressing viewers, the Russian government, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the soldiers explained to the camera that the governor cares too much about his personal finances and runs the most oil-rich region in Russia yet cannot provide the soldiers with enough money to pay for electricity and utilities for their families.

Soldier: "I am speaking on behalf of all my comrades who are here now. We are all from the Orenburg Region. We are contractors... well, volunteers... On average, we are 45 years old, and we have gone to defend our motherland. Against this background, I want to appeal to all Russian citizens who care, to the government, to the prosecutor's office, and to the president, regarding our governor. He is the governor of Russia's richest region. This region has oil, gas, and everything you want, yet [the governor] cannot find money to pay the military and help our families.

"We all have families, children, and grandchildren, and we have all left our homes. We cannot afford utilities, electricity, or gas, because our governor thinks that he needs money more than we and our families do.

"I ask everybody who cares to share this video... We are having elections soon, and he is going to be re-elected. I think that we don't need him in our region at all, and everybody will support me. That is it. Thanks to everyone in advance!"

Voice from crowd: "We don't need such a governor!"

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