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Feb 24, 2017
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Russian National Security Council Consultant: The Rothschilds Are Behind French Presidential Candidate Macron

#5918 | 03:10
Source: The Internet - "Internet TV channel of the "Russian People's Line""

Dr. Yuri Kosov, a scientific consultant for the Russian National Security Council, hinted that the Rothschilds were "managing and directing" the French elections by standing behind presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron and trying to eliminate his political rivals François Fillon and Marine Le Pen. His statements were posted on the Internet TV channel of the "Russian People's Line" on February 24.



Yuri Kosov: There is a new politician on the political horizon of France, a new rising star: [Emmanuel] Macron. His rise was totally unexpected. Macron is led by a certain spirit, and this spirit is not a divine one. His heavyweight political opponents are being eliminated from the scene. Compromising material has been published against the front-runner François Fillon, who had the best chances of winning the presidency. Compromising material, which greatly affected Fillon's campaign, emerged toward the finish line, and the media exacerbated the [story], launching an organized campaign against him. There is another heavyweight politician - Marine Le Pen.




According to all the polls, she will get to the second round. But some people definitely need Macron as the French president.  So what can be done? New compromising material pops up against Le Pen.




So if we look at the situation objectively, we see that very powerful forces are managing and directing it, because it is quite hard to collect demeaning material against such figures,  in order to exert pressure on them. In order to do that you need to have real power. In order to have a mechanism for judicial or police persecution, you need to have agents in the government, probably as high placed as the premier. You need to have agents in the police, in the judicial system, and in the media. So we can see an emerging transnational political elite group, a real political elite of the Western world, enjoying vast economic resources. Macron has given a certain remarkable indication: He used to work for the Rothschild bank. He is one of their own. Nobody just comes in there and gets a career promotion just like that. This means that he successfully passed the test of this political elite.



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