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Sep 08, 2004
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Russian Expert Motosov to Iranian TV: Western Superpowers and Jewish Lobby Behind Russian Terror Attack

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Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

The following are excerpts from an interview with Russian strategic expert Vitislav Motosov on Iranian TV:

Motosov: People ask themselves today: Why did these criminals reach this school so easily? There is a security breach in this region. However, we in Russia understand that behind these criminals there is an external force. When President Putin referred to this, he didn't specify the country that is behind the (attack), but the commentators in Russia say that we are not talking about the Islamic countries but about Western countries in general.

The general view in the Russian public opinion is that all these activities… They call them "Islamic groups" - we don't call them "Islamic groups" but "terrorist groups" behind which stand the superpowers. These groups are used as a pawn by the imperialist force, whose purpose is to divide Russia, which is a great country, a superpower, which is an alliance with the Islamic world. Cooperation between the Islamic world and Russia is a basic condition for our mutual success.

Interviewer:You are talking about the Americans and everyone knows that the American administration welcomed the outcome of the incident …

Vitislav Motosov: Moreover, there is a Zionist influence. The Zionist lobby in America is behind all this press. Israel's interests…

Interviewer: How? I want to understand how. If there are Zionist interests in the US… The US has defended what happened from this perspective?

Vitislav Motosov: They encourage Russia to clash with the Islamic world so tomorrow Russia will be Israel's ally in all Middle Eastern matters.

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