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Oct 31, 2023
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Retired Lebanese General Georges Saghir: The Int'l Community Should Save Lebanon From Hizbullah, Not From Israel; Netanyahu, Nasrallah, And Khamenei Have Failed – They Should Kill Themselves

#10620 | 03:05

Retired Lebanese General Georges Saghir said in an October 31, 2023 show on Spot Shot Online (Lebanon) that Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei haven't lived up to their respective promises regarding peace without concessions, opening the gates of Hell against Israel, and expanding the scope of the war and therefore should kill themselves if they have any honor, like Hannibal and Adolf Hitler did. He mocked Nasrallah for sending 20-year-old fighters to take pot shots at Israeli satellite dishes instead of sending his elite Radhwan Force to conquer the Galilee, adding that his request for the international community is to come save the Lebanese people from Hizbullah, not from Israel.

Georges Saghir: "When Hannibal lost in the Battle of Zama, he committed suicide. Hitler said: 'I will rise with Germany and fall with Germany.' When Germany lost, he put a cyanide capsule under his tongue – they would give them to German officers, so they would not be captured... He and his girlfriend or wife, Eva Braun did this, and they crushed the pills and died. He told his driver to burn his body so it would not be on display in Russian museums. Despite being a criminal, he had honor. If they have any honor, Netanyahu, Nasrallah, and Khamenei must kill themselves."

Interviewer: "Hold on. Let's start with Netanyahu."

Saghir: "Netanyahu should say: 'I promised you peace without making any concession. This is not going to happen. They want to force the two-state solution on me, and I will have to make concessions.' He could not keep his promises, so he must kill himself. Hassan Nasrallah promised that he would pray in Jerusalem, and that he would open the gates of Hell upon Israel, but he did not do anything, so he should kill himself. When the [Iranian] foreign minister says that Iran does not seek to expand the war, Khamenei should kill himself.


"What happened to all the tunnels that Hizbullah dug in order to enter the Galilee? Wasn't the plan that the legendary heroes of Hamas would enter [south Israel], and [Hizbullah's] Radhwan Force would enter via tunnels and occupy the Galilee? Instead, [Nasrallah] is sending 20- or 22-year-olds to shoot down satellite dishes on poles or cameras with their rusty rifles, and when they are done, the drone spots them and kills them. What is this?


"In the Save Lebanon group, we made an urgent appeal to the international community not to give Lebanon to Hizbullah as a reward for not joining the war. We are also issuing a petition demanding an international conference. Thirty MPs and other personalities have signed it, including General Ashraf Rifi, MP George Okais, and MP Michel Daher. In this petition, we say to the international community: Don't come to save us from Israel, come to save us from Hizbullah."

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