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Jun 03, 2019
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Qatari TV Host Ali Al-Muhannadi: Women Must Leave the House as Little as Possible and Obtain Husband's Permission Whenever They Do

#7316 | 01:42
Source: Qatar Today TV

Qatari TV Host Ali Ben Rashid Al-Muhannadi said in episodes of a show that aired on May 13 and June 3, 2019 on Qatar Today TV that some women are more busy with matters outside the home than with raising children, looking after their husbands, and taking care of the home, which he described as "the most important thing women were created for." He said women should reduce the number of times that they leave their house without a good reason. He also said that every time a woman leaves the house, she must first obtain permission from her husband; otherwise, she would be committing a sin. Al-Muhannadi explained that a woman's obedience to her husband is one of the ways she can enter Paradise.

June 3, 2019

Ali Ben Rashid Al-Muhannadi: "Some wives neglect their families. They neglect their husbands and their sons and daughters. They are busy with matters outside their home more than they are busy with the most important thing women were created for: family, raising children, looking after the husband, and taking care of the home, which is the foundation of society.


"So take care of your husband, your sons and daughters, and your home. Reduce the number of times you leave the house with no justification. In fact, even when you are justified in going out of the house, you must first obtain your husband's permission – let alone in cases when it is unjustified."


May 13, 2019

"Obeying your husband – which is second only to obedience to Allah – is one of the reasons [a woman] would enter Paradise. Before she steps out of the house, a woman must obtain her husband's permission. She must say to him: 'I'm going to my father's, I'm going to my mother's, to my sisters, to my girlfriends...' All of these things require permission. If the husband is willing to give his permission – all is fine. But if not... Well, he has to agree so the wife does not commit a sin."

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