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Nov 20, 2011
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Producer of Antisemitic Iranian Film "Saturday Hunter" Mohammad Qahremani: Arab Presence in Palestine Saves Us from Zionist Global Rule

#3254 | 05:01
Source: Al-Alam Network (Iran)

Following are excerpts from a TV report on the Iranian anti-Semitic film "Saturday Hunter." The report aired on Al-Alam TV on November 20, 2011.

Footage from the film

Narrator: "Saturday Hunter" is an Iranian film, which gives us a small glimpse into Zionist barbarism and crimes against humanity throughout history. The film differs from other films about the Zionists' crimes against others in that it conveys a number of messages.

Film producer Mohammad Qahremani: The film portrays the Zionist crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people. It presents the extremist Zionist ideology, which calls for the killing of Palestinians and the plundering of their land, which are deemed a religious duty.

"Saturday Hunter" shows the Zionist brainwashing, which is passed down from one generation to another.

Narrator: In his film, Iranian director Parviz Sheikhtadi deals with Zionist practices, including brainwashing, which the child, Benjamin, is subjected to by his father, a Zionist rabbi called Hanan. Thus, the child is transformed into a merciless criminal creature. The rabbi was played by renowned actor Ali Nassirian.

The most moving scenes in this film are the ones depicting political sadism and religious racism. The rabbi is presented as the ultimate evil, the symbol of deception, who reveals what is concealed within his conscience, as well as the criminal machinations harbored within his mind. The producers hope that this will reverberate strongly in the Muslim world.

Mohammad Qahremani: This film will be screened in the Arab and Islamic countries in the near future. We know that our brothers in these countries believe in the liberation of Palestine. If the film is presented in these countries in an appropriate way, it will surely be well received there. The film will soon be translated into Arabic for that purpose.

Narrator: The film has exposed the double standards held by international film festivals, and their clear bias towards Zionism, as evident in their refusal to screen it.

Mohammad Qahremani: We submitted the film to several international film festivals. We would like to point out to the Islamic peoples in the world that almost all the international film festivals rejected this film, in light of its subject matter.

Narrator: Undoubtedly, the position of the officials in international film festivals is not detached from the bias of Western governments towards the Israeli entity, especially since the film embodies a reality experienced by the Palestinians on a daily basis, and since it exposes more about global Zionism and its criminal role in the world.


Mohammad Qahremani: Let me quote the words of the leaders of the Zionist entity: "If the Arabs were not present on the Palestinian lands, Israel would rule the world." Therefore, the Arab presence there saves us from [Zionist] rule of the world.


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