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Mar 06, 2016
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PFLP Deputy Secretary-General Abu Ahmad Fuad: Iranian Aid "Will Lead to the Escalation of the Intifada. This Is What We Want"

#5389 | 03:19
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

In a recent TV interview, Abu Ahmad Fuad, deputy secretary-general of the PFLP, praised the Iranian aid pledged to families of Palestinian "martyrdom-seekers," saying: "These capabilities and this aid will lead to the escalation of the Intifada...This is what we want." The interview aired on Mayadeen TV on March 7, 2016.


Following are excerpts.



Abu Ahmad Fuad: With regard to the Intifada and the Iranian aid, Israel has claimed that this aid constitutes an incentive for the Palestinians to continue this Intifada. In addition, the Palestinian Authority demands to know why Iran does not channel this aid through the Palestinian Authority itself. Yes, it's true. What our enemy is saying is true. This is the reality. These capabilities and this aid will lead to the escalation of the Intifada. Yes. And this is what we want. This is what we want. The martyrdom-seeker needs to know that there is someone who will take care of his family. People whose homes are destroyed must know for sure... that there is a people, a nation, and a leadership that will rebuild her home and will embrace her family. In all cases, this support will help this people to continue in its struggle and its sacrifices. It should be noted, however, that despite the lack of resources, this people continues (in its struggle), and we all see, on a daily basis, a boy or a girl committing unparalleled attacks, which require a high degree of courage. In this Intifada, Palestinian girls have clearly excelled more than ever before...



Interviewer: We should say that the girls have excelled once again, because in the early days, the women would hijack planes, and carry out renowned operations. This is especially true of PFLP women.



Abu Ahmad Fuad: Yes, we acknowledge that. Palestinian women have always been in the fray. They have borne arms and fought in the battles. Among them, as you have said, there were female Palestinian and Arab comrades, who carried out martyrdom operations with which we are all familiar. We hold them in high esteem. What is unique is that the Palestinian girls do not carry a weapon or explosives. They set out carrying kitchen knives and attack soldiers armed to the teeth. This is unparalleled in all the world's revolutions, and I am not exaggerating.





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