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Apr 09, 2018
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PA TV Reports on Wounded Child: We Love President Mahmoud Abbas - - Scenes from Gaza "Return March"

#6517 | 01:55
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

The Palestinian Authority's official TV channel reported on a boy, Abd Al-Hamid Qadouha, preparing to join the Gaza "Return March" despite having been wounded by a tear gas canister. Abd Al-Hamid donned combat gear, carried a Palestinian flag, and wore a picture of President Mahmoud Abbas on his chest, and he, his aunt, and his father pledged support for Abbas. "He is our president, and we love him. I wear his picture because he protects us and our country," explained Abd Al-Hamid. The report aired on April 9.

Reporter: "This is how they are preparing their sons to set out on the 'Great Return March.' It is as if they were going to a wedding, except that this is not like any other wedding. Abd Al-Hamid, this soft-handed child, prepared his combat gear on Friday, in order to go to the eastern parts [of Gaza]. His peaceful gear includes a Fatah flag, and his bare chest is adorned with a picture of President Mahmoud Abbas."

Abd Al-Hamid Qadouha: "He is our president, and we love him. I wear his picture because he protects us and our country."

Abd Al-Hamid's Aunt: "We say to President [Abbas] Abu Mazen: We are with you. We support you at the border, in Jerusalem, in Gaza, and in Rafah. We support Abu Mazen everywhere. We are with him. Our national unity is for Abu Mazen, and we love him because he is our president. He bears the burden of responsibility for us."

Reporter: "Abd Al-Hamid was injured in his head by a tear gas canister, while he was confronting murderers in uniforms – so-called 'soldiers of the [Israel] Defense [Forces].' He was standing right next to them, flashing the victory sign to them, in defiance of their arsenal, as if to say: 'I am from a country led by Mahmoud Abbas.'"

Sayf Al-Din Qadouha: "We support President Abu Mazen, and we are all prepared to sacrifice ourselves for him, until the liberation of Palestine down to the very last inch. This is a message to the Jews and to the entire world."

Reporter: "The young rebel was not the only one to confront the occupation. He was on the front line along with his family when he was wounded."

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