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Oct 30, 2020
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Istanbul Friday Sermon By Palestinian Islamic Scholar Mahmoud Al-Hasanat: Fight France! We Are Willing To Sacrifice Our Soul And Our Blood For The Sake Of The Prophet Muhammad

#8441 | 01:49
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Irtiqa Islamic Center on YouTube"

Palestinian Islamic scholar Mahmoud Al-Hasanat said in an October 30 Friday sermon in Istanbul that was posted on YouTube by Al-Irtiqa Islamic Center that the Islamic nation is an army of 1.5 billion people who are prepared to defend the Prophet Muhammad. Speaking about France, he said that the "time for admonishment" is over, and he called on his audience to boycott French products and "fight them anywhere." Al-Hasanat also said that French President Emmanuel Macron does not yet know that the entire Islamic nation is prepared to sacrifice their blood and souls for the sake of the Prophet Muhammad. For more about Mahmoud Al-Hasanat, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 7171.

Mahmoud Al-Hasanat: "The entire world should know, cunning France should know, and those who abstain from Jihad should know, that this nation may become sick, but it will never die. We are an army of 1.5 billion [Muslims] who are ready to create a force to defend the Prophet Muhammad. There is no place for leniency or humor in this matter. Oh France, the time for admonishment is over. We shut it like you shut a book.

"Boycott their products, fight them anywhere and at any time, so that they will know that we are the descendants of the Messenger of Allah. Boycott them, fight them, combat them, so that they will know that we are willing to sacrifice our souls for the sake of the Messenger of Allah. Boycott them and cause damage and losses to their economy, so that this liar, this lackey Macron, knows that he has slandered the Messenger of Allah. But he still does not know the consequences: [He does not know] that we are children, men, old people, and women who are ready to sacrifice our blood and our souls for the Prophet Muhammad."

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