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Jan 30, 2020
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Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Palestinian Researcher Ahmad Al-Khatwani: There Is Only Room in Palestine for an Islamic State; This State Could Easily Annihilate Israel, Would Conquer Rome, Moscow

#7797 | 03:26
Source: Online Platforms - "YouTube channel dedicated to Al-Aqsa Mosque addresses"

Palestinian political researcher Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khatwani said in an address at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem that was uploaded to the Internet on January 30, 2020, that Palestine cannot geographically or demographically support both a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. He said that there can only be an Islamic state in Palestine, which he said will be liberated only by Islamic hands, and not by secularists, nationalists, Pan-Arabists, Communists, or socialists. He said that everything but an Islamic state has been tried and predicted that an Islamic state could easily and swiftly liberate Palestine and annihilate Israel. He also said that an Islamic state would conquer Rome and Moscow. In addition, Sheikh Al-Khatwani said that the Islamic nation and the military power necessary for the establishment of an Islamic state already exist, and he emphasized that the conflict in Palestine should be seen as a conflict between Muslims and Jews and between Muslims and Crusaders.

Ahmad Al-Khatwani: "Palestine cannot really support the existence of two states. The reality in Palestine – in terms of geography and population – is such that there cannot be two states here. There will either be a Jewish state or an Islamic state. We have no space for any state other than an Islamic state. Palestine will be liberated only by Islamic hands. It will not be liberated by secularists, nationalists, Pan-Arabists, or Communists. We tried all these for 70 years. They are the ones responsible for the loss of Palestine, so how can we expect them to liberate it? We tried Pan-Arabism, nationalism, Communism, and socialism, and this is the result. But to this very day, we have not tried an Islamic state. If we try it just once, it will uproot the Jewish entity, because the Islamic state is the continuation of the state of the Prophet Muhammad, and nothing can stop the army of that state.

"The army of the Islamic state is a crushing army. It will not only liberate Palestine, Kashmir, East Turkestan, and the regions of the persecuted Muslims in Burma and in Central Africa. No! The Islamic state will conquer Rome. This is the promise of the Prophet Muhammad. These words are the truth. They are not meant just to stir up emotions. But how will this prophecy be realized? Through action rather than by waiting. It will be realized by establishing a real Islamic state, rather than a state in the deterministic, metaphysical sense of waiting for the Lord to send down a Caliph from the heavens. No! It will be achieved by establishing a real Islamic Caliphate, and by establishing a state that will really be founded on Islam, its notions and its ways.

"To put it simply, the components of this Islamic state already exist. The Islamic nation exists and the military power is there. The Islamic nation and its military power are capable of establishing [an Islamic state] in a matter of hours, and within days, they can easily annihilate the Jewish entity. If [an Islamic] state is established, it will endanger Moscow and Rome. This is why they fight Islam, and this is why they try to present the conflict in the Middle East as a conflict between Palestinians and Jews. Why? It is an Islamic cause. It is should be viewed as a conflict between Muslims and Jews, Muslims and Crusaders."


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