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Dec 26, 2019
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Hamas MP Sheikh Salem Salameh: George Washington Killed Indians Because They Were Muslims; Normalization of Relations with Israel Is Betrayal of God, Islam

#7719 | 01:30
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

Sheikh Salem Salameh, member of Hamas Legislative Council and Deputy Head of the Palestine Islamic Scholars Association, said in a December 26, 2019 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) that it is inconceivable to Muslims that there are other Muslims who recognize and normalize relations with Israel. He said that this constitutes betrayal of God, of Islam, and of the Muslims, and that Palestine and Jerusalem are Islamic land belonging to all the Muslims in the world. He claimed that U.S. President Washington had warned the Muslims and killed Native Americans because they were Muslims who had mosques. In addition, Sheikh Salameh said that the U.S. passes rulings that allow the Jews to kill the Palestinians.


Sheikh Salem Salameh: "No Muslim on the face of this Earth could ever imagine that there are Muslims who recognize the Zionist entity or normalize relations with it.




"This is considered a betrayal of God, His religion, and the Muslims. Second, all of Palestine – and first and foremost Jerusalem – constitutes a Muslim waqf land that belongs to all Muslims, from Jakarta to Tangier.




"We warn the Muslims of what U.S. President Washington himself warned. [Washington] killed the Indians and the Muslims, because the Indians and the owners of that land were Muslims. It has been proven that they were Muslims, and that they had mosques. This is why they killed them... The [U.S.] is a murderous state that assists murderers. It helps those who have killed the prophets, the holy men, the women and the innocent children. The [Americans] give them rulings permitting them to kill the [Palestinians]."

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