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Jul 04, 2015
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Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira at Al-Aqsa Mosque: Our Main War Is with U.S. and Europe; Russia and China Will Embrace Islam Peacefully

#5001 | 04:01
Source: Online Platforms

In a lecture delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on July 4, 2015, Palestinian cleric Issam Amira called for the establishment of a Caliphate and said that the main war of Islam was with America and Europe. The Chinese, he said were "reasonable people," who would convert to Islam, and as for the Russians, "they are stubborn, but once Moscow is liberated from the shackles of the USSR, of Bolshevism, of the Czar and even of Putin, they will join Islam, and that will be that."

Following are excerpts:

Issam Amira: An Islamic state is required to deliver the call for Islam to the whole world. Therefore, this state must be qualified for expansion, militarily, ideologically, economically, and geographically. This is a blow to the notion of permanent borders between countries. This has become the norm since the establishment of countries: Every country has borders, which it protects. One of the foundations of a state is that it has territory, which it defends against any external attack. This is how the land was divided between the various countries, in ancient times as well as in modern days.


When one country attacks another, it is considered injustice, [because] no country was ever qualified to deliver Truth into the land of Falsehood. They were all living on Falsehood.


Therefore, our main war is with whom? With the Byzantines, with America and Europe – with France, with Britain, with those places… As for Russia and China, there's no need to worry about them. I am optimistic that when the Emir of the Believers writes to the Chinese, they will convert to Islam, because they are reasonable people. As for the Russians, they are stubborn, but once Moscow is liberated from the shackles of the USSR, of Bolshevism, of the Czar, and even of Putin, they will join Islam, and that will be that.

The problem will with America and Europe, but we are ready for them. [Allah], who supported us in the Battle of Badr, will support us in a second battle of Badr.


Don't be afraid of America's nuclear weapons. The angels have anti-nuclear capabilities.


The Islamic Caliphate must be restored, so that it will lead the armies to war against the infidels. Then we will bring about a second battle of Badr, and a third, and a fourth… In order to achieve that, the activists must work, along with [all] Muslims, to establish the Islamic State. It also requires destroying all the entities in the Islamic world. Make no exception. Show no mercy or compassion to any of those entities.


When you unleash the people, they will shatter these false idols. Unleash the people upon banks that exact usury, and they will destroy them. Unleash them upon unveiled women, and they will pounce upon them. I challenge any ruler to walk among the people in the streets without bodyguards. So we will not need to issue a decision to execute the rulers. We will only remove their guards and let them stay in their palaces. We will just declare that there are no guards protecting the palace of [King] Salman, of [Mahmoud] Abbas, of Tamim, or of [King] Abdallah. Within ten minutes, you will not find a piece left of them.


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