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Jan 25, 2020
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Palestinian Political Analyst Nasser Al-Yafawi: The Deal of the Century, Trump, Netanyahu Will Die; If We Repeat the Experience of Vietnam, We Will Rip Apart the Peace Plan, Spit in Trump’s Face

#7793 | 01:32
Source: Alkofiya TV (Palestine)

Palestinian political analyst Nasser Al-Yafawi said in a January 25, 2020 interview on Alkofiya TV (UAE/Egypt) that the "compass of resistance" should point to Palestine and that the Deal of the Century, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will all die. He argued that a deal similar to the Deal of the Century was made against Poland during WWII, but that the Poles survived, remained united, and ended the occupation of their land. In addition, Al-Yafawi said that there should be a negotiations group headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as well as a group consisting of Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other factions that will continue the resistance against Israel. He added that if the Palestinians properly "repeated the experience of Vietnam and Algeria," they will succeed in ripping apart the Trump peace plan and spit in Trump's face.


Nasser Al-Yafawi: "The first choice [of the Islamic Jihad] should be to unite the Palestinians, since it is a movement that is popular among the Palestinian public. The second choice should be to carry out strikes by the resistance all over the world. The compass of the resistance should point to Palestine... Let's say 'No!' to the Deal of the Century. This way the Deal of the Century will die, Trump will die, and Netanyahu will die, and Palestine will remain, inshallah.




"This Deal of the Century is not the first such deal [in history]. During World War II, America made another Deal of the Century, against Poland. It was the same as the situation with the Palestinians today. Poland was divided between Prussia, Austria, and Hungary. Ultimately, the Polish people survived and the occupation ended. The Palestinians will also survive and the occupation will end. However, the Poles were united, and they still are. Here, we must all be united. Finally, I demand that one group, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, holds negotiations while the other group, headed by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and the other factions continues with the resistance. If we repeat the experience of Vietnam and Algeria properly, we will succeed in ripping the Deal of the Century apart, and we will spit in Trump's face."

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