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Jun 21, 2023
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Palestinian Writer Mahmoud Khalouf: I Worked With Arafat; He Condemned Attacks Against Israelis While Supporting The Resistance Under The Table

#10357 | 01:29
Source: Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

In a June 21, 2023 show on Palestine Today TV (Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Palestinian writer and political analyst Mahmoud Khalouf spoke about the recent Israeli drone strike that killed a Fatah military commander named Muhammad Uwais, who had also been an officer in the Palestinian Authority's security forces. Khalouf said that the fact that Uwais was both a Fatah commander and a member of the PA's security forces is a "tactic" that had similarly been employed by deceased PLO leader Yasser Arafat, who would publicly condemn terrorist attacks while supporting the Palestinian resistance "under the table". Khalouf said that Israel had assassinated Arafat for this reason, and he encouraged the use of such subterfuge against the "lowly and despicable" enemy.

Mahmoud Khalouf:  "Commander Muhammad Uwais [killed in an Israeli drone strike] was a military commander in Fatah, and at the same time, he was an officer in the Palestinian security forces.

"It is very important to focus on the mechanism employed by the martyr Yasser Arafat. Yasser Arafat used a certain rhetoric when speaking to the world, and at the same time, he supported the resistance under the table. This was a conscious approach, and this is what prompted the occupation to assassinate him.


"I used to work with Yasser Arafat In my past position as a reporter for the Wafa news agency, as a journalist, and so on. At the time, Arafat was not candid about what he was doing, so much so, that when there was a double attack in 2002, carried out by two members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, he condemned the attack and said that they were not members of Fatah. He spread doubts about their affiliation, but this was a tactical move.

"When Yasser Arafat was martyred, the occupation stormed the Muqata'a Compound, and confiscated the presidential archives, the truth came out. We should not expose ourselves in front of this lowly and despicable enemy."

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