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May 03, 2024
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Mudassir Mayet In California Friday Sermon: The LAPD Are Terrorists Like The Zionist State; Any Cop, Politician Who Wants To Repent And Become Muslim Is Welcome

#11103 | 01:37
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center of Claremont on YouTube"

In his May 3, 2024 Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Claremont, California, which was streamed live on the Mosque's YouTube channel, Imam Mudassir Mayet asked Allah to "annihilate the Zionist oppressors and their supporters from among the police and the leaders." He said that the LAPD are just as terrorist as the Zionist state, because they receive combat training in Israel. Mayet continued to say that any of the oppressors, including politicians and members of the police force, are welcome to repent, turn to Allah, and become Muslims, however, most of them do not choose to do so, and Allah is allowing them to dig their own hole.

Mudassir Mayet: "LAPD are just as terrorist as the Zionist state, because they are their teachers. They learn... They go... It is a known fact that people in the LAPD go to Israel and get trained in combat."


"Any of you people that are oppressors, any of you politicians that have given billions, if you today are going to return [to Allah] and turn back... Any of you cops that are going to leave this lifestyle and become a Muslim, anyone of you that are willing to return back today, repent, and come back to Allah – welcome and Allah will forgive you. But the majority of them do not take lessons from the people of the past. '[Allah] is only giving them respite until the day when eyes will stare in horror.' Allah is giving them... Allah is letting them dig their own hole."


"We ask Allah to deal with them in this world and in the next. Oh Allah, annihilate the Zionists. Oh Allah, annihilate the Zionist oppressors, and their supporters from among the police and the leaders, oh Allah, annihilate them."


"Oh Allah, deal with the Zionists. Oh Allah, destroy them. Oh Allah, annihilate them. Oh Allah, remove them from this Earth. Make their destruction and removal from this Earth a sign for all of humanity – not just them, but those that support them from the people with money, the politicians, and the police officers thar decide to support them. Oh Allah, deal with them."


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