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May 18, 2024
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Indian Islamic Scholar Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadwi: Muslims In Turkey, Egypt, UAE, KSA And Elsewhere Must Attack Israel And Eliminate This 'Worm'; You Should Destroy Tel Aviv And Every Town These Criminal Apes And Pigs Live In

#11102 | 01:58
Source: Online Platforms - "Maulana Nadwi on YouTube"

Indian Islamic scholar Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadwi said in a May 18, 2024 video address to the Flood of the Free Conference that Muslims in Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere must break through the borders and attack Israel. He said that they must "eliminate this worm, this, germ, this cancer." Nadwi said that if they destroyed Gaza, the Muslims should destroy Tel Aviv and every town in which "these criminal apes and pigs" live. Indian Islamic scholar Maulana Salman Hussaini Nadwi uploaded his video address to his personal YouTube account.

Mualana Salman Hussaini: "Those rulers are not from among us. They are from among the Zionists, from the Crusaders, from the humiliated slaves of America, Britain, France, and the European countries. The Muslim people must break through the artificial borders, and enter Palestine and Jerusalem, and go to Gaza.


"The Muslims must arise, especially in Turkey and Egypt. The Egyptian people must break free from the Zionist rulers. The Jordanian people must break free from the Arab Zionists. The Muslims from the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and so on must break free from the rule of the criminal Zionist aggressors. They must attack them from all directions, and eliminate this worm, this germ, this cancer.


"[The Quran says:] 'Whoever attacks you, attack him in the same way he attacked you.' If they destroyed Gaza, you should destroy Tel Aviv. You should destroy every town in which these criminal apes and pigs live."


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