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Mar 30, 2019
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Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi: UK Is Occupied by Israel; Zionism Uses Cover of Judaism to Conquer Palestine

#7130 | 02:33
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

In a March 30, 2019 episode of Russia Today's program, Going Underground, that commemorated one year of the Great Return Marches in Gaza, Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi said that the UK is completely controlled and occupied by Israel. She criticized the UK for having brought Zionism to Palestine, and she said that the Palestinians will return dignity to the whole world, including the UK. Tamimi said that Israel wants only to kill Palestinians and take their land, and that Zionism uses to cover of the Jewish religion to do whatever it wants. Tamimi also said that the Palestinian people will continue to struggle until Palestine and the Golan Heights are free.

Following are excerpts:


Afshin Rattansi: What would you say to Theresa May and the British government sanctioning U.K. exports of sniper rifles to Israel?

Ahed Tamimi: The U.K. government is completely controlled by Israel, who are the biggest supporter of terrorism. They encourage the killing of Palestinian people.




The U.K. is completely occupied and controlled by Israel, and it is supporting Israel to kill innocent people who are demonstrating for their rights. The whole world is defeated. We are alone, but I'm pretty sure that the Palestinian people will bring back dignity to the whole world, even to the U.K., who is supporting Israel. The U.K. brought Zionism to Palestine in the era of the British Mandate. We will eventually end this occupation. That power will not last forever.




They have no right to harm any Palestinian, and this is another reflection to their terrorism. They want nothing but to kill all Palestinians so they can take all their land. They believe that all Palestinians should be killed, which also shows that they are racist.




Judaism is a religion like any other religion, but the Zionist movement wants to do whatever it wants under the cover of the Jewish religion. We always say that there is a difference between Judaism and Zionism, because there are Palestinian Jews, Syrian Jews, and Arab Jews who are supporting the Palestine cause. The cause is not a religious cause; it is a political cause where the Zionists want to take over Palestine using the Jewish religion.




The Syrian Golan Heights and all of Palestine will be free one day, and we will return back to our lands. No one has the right to decide who will take control of the Golan Heights, or Palestine, or the West Bank. Trump has no right to decide or to give any land to Israel whenever he wants, but we will continue struggling until Palestine and the occupied Syrian Golan Heights are free, until all Palestinian refugees return back to Palestine.

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