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Feb 11, 2022
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Palestinian Official Dr. Nasser Al-Qaram Extols Martyrdom In Friday Sermon Following IDF Killing Of 3 Fatah Terrorists: Israelis Are The Enemies Of Allah; They Terrorize, Commit Crimes Against Our People

#9369 | 02:45
Source: Palestinian Authority TV

In a Friday, February 11, 2022 sermon at the Surda Mosque in the West Bank, Dr. Nasser Al-Qaram, the head of the Shari’a Court of Appeals in Nablus, extolled martyrdom and described rewards granted by Allah to martyrs. Dr. Al-Qaram delivered his sermon on the backdrop of Israeli forces having killed three Fatah terrorists in Nablus earlier that week. Dr. Al-Qaram criticized Arab countries for normalizing relations with the "enemies of Allah," and he said that the State of Israel was built on a foundation of "terrorism, racism, and extremism." In addition, Dr. Al-Qaram quoted several verses from the Quran in which Jews are referred to as evil corrupters. The sermon was aired on Palestine TV.

Nasser Al-Qaram: "Instead of standing with us, the Arabs and the Muslims are normalizing their treacherous, humiliating, and disgraceful relations with the enemies of Allah. What does the [Islamic] nation do about what is happening to the thousands of prisoners and detainees in the bastilles of this Nazi occupation?


"This [February 8 killing of three Fatah terrorists is] a massacre has been added to the criminal record of this criminal state, which is based upon terrorism, racism, and extremism, because when they began occupying Palestine in 1948, they committed numerous massacres against our people, at the hands of the Nazi criminal gangs - the Stern, Haganah, and Palmach gangs.

"All these gangs, which founded this [Israeli] state, are responsible for all the wars, the corruption, and the spreading of corruption throughout the land. As Allah says: 'Every time the [Jews] kindled the fire of war, Allah extinguished it. They sow corruption throughout the land, and Allah does not like corrupters.'

"Allah says about the way they treat us: 'If they gain dominance over you, they would be to you as enemies, and extend against you their hands and their tongues with evil, and they wish you would disbelieve.' This is their custom, and this is how they act - corrupting, terrorizing, and committing crimes against our people.


"Martyrs are spared the torments of the grave, and they are safe from the great horror on Judgement Day. [The Quran says:] 'They will be safe from the terror of that day.' The martyrs will be spared [the horror of Judgement Day]. [Martyrs] will be adorned with the garment of faith. The crown of honor will be placed on the heads of the martyrs.

"They will be married to black-eyed virgins, and they will plead on behalf of 70 of their relatives. Martyrs will have all of this. The souls of the martyrs will be under Allah's throne, in chandeliers and in the bodies of green birds. They will roam in Paradise wherever they like, they will drink from the rivers of Paradise and eat its fruits, and then they will return and nestle in those chandeliers, under Allah's throne."

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