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Aug 05, 2020
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Pakistani PM Imran Khan: India Is Laying the Ground for a Nazi-Like Genocide against Its Muslim Citizens; the West Focuses on Hong Kong But Ignores Kashmir Because India Is a Big Market

#8200 | 02:03
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an August 5, 2020 address that aired on Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation should be more vocal about the 200 million Muslims in India, whom he said are being discriminated against by India's recently-passed Citizenship Act. He said that the Citizenship Act deregisters Muslims from Indian citizenship and that this is a prelude to genocide against the Muslims. He argued that this is similar to what happened in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. In addition, PM Khan said that since India is a large market, many countries are not doing anything about this human rights issue, since they are worried about losing trade with India.

PM Imran Khan: "The Organization of Islamic Cooperation should not only talk forcefully about Kashmir, but also about what is happening to the 200 million Muslims in India. India has passed the Citizenship Act, which blatantly discriminates against the Muslims. They register the citizens and then deregister the names of the Muslims as Indian citizens. This is a prelude to genocide. This is what happened in 1935 in Nazi Germany. The Nuremberg Laws were a prelude to the deregistration of the Jews as German citizens. In Myanmar, in 1992, they did the same thing. They deregistered the Muslims as citizens of Myanmar. What India is doing is a prelude for a genocidal war against the Muslims. This is why the Organization of Islamic Cooperation must be more vocal about it. My worry is that because India is a big market, countries worry about losing their trade with it. Western countries are acting this way. Look at the prominence given to Hong Kong and to the rights of the citizens there. Compare it to what it is happening to eight million Muslims in Kashmir. Clearly, double standards play a role here. India is a big market and this overwhelms the issue of human rights."

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