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Aug 16, 2022
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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas During Press Conference With German Chancellor: Israel Has Committed 50 Holocausts Against The Palestinian People

#9761 | 01:48
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

On August 16, 2022, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a press conference held by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. When asked by a reporter if he intends to apologize before Israel and Germany for the 1972 Munich massacre, which was carried out by Palestinian terrorists and resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli Olympic athletes, President Abbas answered that Israel has committed 50 "massacres" and 50 "holocausts" against the Palestinian people and continues to kill them every day. He said that Israel now admits "these massacres and makes documentaries about them," and that he would rather move towards peace, security, stability, and shared trust between Germany and the Palestinians than talk about "other things". Abbas also said: "If you want to dig in the past, go ahead."

Reporter: "Abu Daoud declared that he did not regret the 1972 terrorist operation in Munich. After all these decades, do you intend to apologize before Israel and Germany for that operation?"


President Mahmoud Abbas: "[Israel has committed] 50 massacres, 50 holocausts. Until now, Palestinians are killed at the hand of the Israeli army every day. We are seeking to say: 'Enough. Let's move towards peace, security, and stability.' If you want to dig in the past, go ahead. I have 50 massacres committed by Israel. Israel now admits these massacres and makes documentaries about them. The Tantura massacre that took place in 1948, and the Kafr Qasim massacre that took place in 1956... All I want is peace. Let us move towards peace. Let us move towards security and building trust between you and us. This is better than talking about other things. Thank you."

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