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Mar 15, 2024
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North Carolina Imam Abdallh Khadra At March In Support Of Gaza: Muslims In Michigan And North Carolina Have Shown We Can Vote This Administration Out; Ramadan Is The Month Of Victories And Conquests

#10975 | 02:08
Source: Online Platforms - "Khadra on YouTube"

North Carolina imam Abdallh Khadra said in a tarawih prayer and march in support of Gaza on March 15, 2024, that Muslims have a religious obligation to vote in America. He said that the Muslims in Michigan and North Carolina have shown in the Democratic presidential primaries that they can vote the Biden administration out of office. Khadra said that Ramadan is the month of "victory," during which Muslims in history won battles and made conquests. He prayed that Allah grant victory to the people of Palestine, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, and Palestine.

Abdallh Khadra is president of the Madina Quran and Youth Center in Raleigh, NC, and the event was streamed live on his personal YouTube channel. In 2017, Khadra said in Friday sermon that Jews distorted the facts about the Western Wall and invoked the hadith about the Muslims killing the Jews at the end of times. In another Friday sermon from  the same year, he said that the Zionists seek to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build their "fictitious" temple instead.

Abdallh Khadra: "It's an obligation, I'm telling you, from an Islamic perspective, it's an obligation on every Muslim to vote. Allah be praised, you all saw and heard how Muslims in Michigan and North Carolina – hundreds of thousands – showed that they can change the elections. We will Inshallah vote this administration out, because we can never be silent to the genocide, Inshallah.


"We have to continue showing up, continue shouting, protesting, and calling, and we will never quit or tire until we have a ceasefire, until Palestine is free from the River to the Sea.


"The victories of the Muslims were in Ramadan. The Battle of Badr – in Ramadan. The conquest of Mecca – in Ramadan. The liberation of Jerusalem from the Crusaders by Saladin – in Ramadan. Many other battles and victories of Muslims [were] in Ramadan. Ramadan is the month of victory, and Inshallah, our brothers and sisters in Palestine will have victory.

"Oh Allah, liberate our Al-Aqsa Mosque. Liberate our Al-Aqsa. Liberate our Palestine. Liberate our Jerusalem. Oh Lord, bring Jerusalem back to the Muslims, under whose rule they embrace all people."

Crowd: "Biden, Biden, what do you say? Biden, Biden, what do you say? How many children you killed today?


Biden, Biden, you can't hide! Biden, Biden, you can't hide! We will charge you with genocide! We will charge you with genocide!"

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