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Jul 06, 2012
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New Low in Live TV Brawls: Jordanian MP Muhammad Al-Shawabikah Pulls a Pistol on His Adversary

#3481 | 02:11
Source: The InternetJoSat TV (Jordan)

Following are excerpts from a TV show featuring Jordanian MP Muhammad Al-Shawabikah and former MP Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad. The program aired on JoSat TV and the excerpt was posted on Youtube on July 6, 2012.

Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad: I was the first to discuss this issue…

Muhammad Al-Shawabika: 90% of the Jordanian people have discussed it…

Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad: No, no. If you have any self-respect, don’t…

Moderator: I won’t allow it. I don’t allow it.

Muhammad Al-Shawabikah: Tell me who you are. You are a Syrian collaborator.

Moderator: [to Al-Shawabikah] Talk to me. Abu Sleiman, talk to me. [to Seif Al-Din Murad] Be patient.

Muhammad Al-Shawabikah: You lowlife…

Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad: You are the lowlife here…

Muhammad Al-Shawabikah: You are despicable. Shame on you. A Syrian collaborator…

Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad: You are a Mafia thief. You bought people’s votes.

Muhammad Al-Shawabikah: That’s what you did. Shut up.

Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad: To hell with you and your father…

Muhammad Al-Shawabikah takes off his shoe and hurls it at Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad, who turns over his desk in an attempt to dodge. Al-Shawabikah pulls a pistol out of his belt and waves it in the direction of Mansour Seif Al-Din Murad, as the moderator tries to restrain him.

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