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Feb 19, 2017
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New ISIS Video Threatens to Increase Attacks on Copts and "Liberate" Cairo

#5903 | 04:35
Source: The Internet - "ISIS-affiliated Telegram channel "

A video released by ISIS on February 19 threatens further attacks on Copts in Egypt. The video, titled "And Fight the Disbelievers Collectively," includes excerpts from the final statement of Abu 'Abdallah Al-Masri, perpetrator of the deadly church bombing in Cairo on December 11, 2016, who says: "By Allah, we shall liberate Cairo very soon." This is the first time that ISIS has released an official video by "the Islamic state in Egypt," which may reflect the organization's ambition to gain a toehold in this country, beyond its presence in Sinai. It was posted on an ISIS-affiliated Telegram channel on February 19.


Abu Yahya Al-Masri [“The Egyptian”]: Among the vilest things done by these stubborn [Copt] infidels was the cursing of our honorable prophet, on the screens of their TV channels. By Allah, this is worse than [shedding] the blood of all the Muslims. How can these accursed people vilify the Prophet, and continue to live in safety on our land?




Furthermore, they aided that despicable dog, Al-Sisi, who bombed mosques and renovated churches and places of worship. They helped him to shed the blood of Muslims, and to consolidate his throne, ruling the believers by a law other than the shari'a.




Voice over: The mujahideen and the monotheists had to target the Christians of Egypt,  and make their lives miserable everywhere, thus ushering them into the cycle of conflict, for they are among the Crusaders who fight the Muslims.




Abu Zubair Al-Masri ["The Egyptian"]: My Muslim brothers, after clarifying the status of those Crusaders who fight Allah and His Prophet, and after exposing the lie told by the hypocritical evil ulema - that these [Copts] are ahl dhimma and have amana - I remind you of the words of Allah: "Kill the polytheists wherever you find them, take them, detain them, and ambush them everywhere.[Quran 9:5]" Let me remind you of the hadith of the Prophet: "An infidel and his killer will never unite in Hell." Oh you, who seek martyrdom, oh you, who could not make it to the Islamic State, the marketplace of Jihad is open. The enemies of Allah are in front of you. Turn their nights into hellfire and their days into destruction. Let their blood flow like rivers. Fill their hearts with fear and terror, avenging your religion, the honor of your women, your brothers, and your blood.


"Fight the polytheists collectively" [Quran 9:36]


Final Statement of Abu Abdallah Al-Masri ["the  Egyptian"] Perpetrator of the Botroseya Church bombing on December 11, 2016: I say to my mujahideen brothers everywhere - in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Africa, Niger, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, and everywhere, and especially my mujahideen brothers in Sinai: Oh servants of Allah, oh monotheists, you are fighting a great war. You must persevere until you meet Allah, until Allah grants us victory, or until we are killed.




By Allah, we shall liberate Cairo very soon, and we shall come to release [the prisoners] from their shackles. By Allah, we shall come with car bombs, so take heart, oh servants of Allah.


Image of the Botroseya of the Coptic Church and scenes of funeral of Coptic bombing victims


Voice over: Oh Crusaders in Egypt, this attack, which targeted you in your place of worship, was only the first. It will be followed by more attacks, Allah willing. You are a target at the top of our priorities, our favorite prey.



ISIS Operative: Oh servants of the Cross, oh violators of agreements and treaties, know that the soldiers of the Islamic State have you in their sights, and that our blessed raid upon you was not the last, Allah willing. The ones to come will be even worse and more bitter, and sharper and more searing than the sword.



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