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Sep 30, 2017
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Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah Urges Jews to Leave "Occupied Palestine": Netanyahu Does Not Know How the War He Ignites Will End

#6218 | 03:53
Source: Al-Jadeed TV (Lebanon)

Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that the Zionists were "leading themselves into certain annihilation" and warned "non-Zionist Jews" to leave "occupied Palestine" and return to the countries from which they came. "Netanyahu, his government, and his military commanders do not know how this war will end," he said. Nasrallah also warned Saudi Arabia that the secession of Iraqi Kurdistan would ultimately lead to the partitioning of the Saudi kingdom, which is the country "most prone" to partitioning. His addresses aired on September 30 and October 1 on the Lebanese Al-Jadid/New TV channel.

Hassan Nasrallah: "If Trump and Netanyahu push the region toward a new war, it will be at the expense of you [Israelis]. It will be you who will pay a steep price for the stupid policies of your prime minister. Netanyahu is pushing the region toward a war against Lebanon, and against Syria, Gaza, and the resistance movements, under false pretexts of self-defense. He claims this would be a preemptive war. I hope that all Israelis will listen carefully to what I say: Netanyahu, his government, and his military commanders are not assessing correctly where this war will lead if they ignite it. What will its scope be? Where will the battlefronts be? Who will participate in this war? Who will join it? Netanyahu, his government, and his military commanders do not know how this war will end if they start it. Let me assure you that they do not have a correct image of what awaits them, if they stupidly enter that war.


"I call upon all the non-Zionist Jews to detach their calculations from those of the Zionists, who are leading themselves into certain annihilation. I call upon all the people who came to occupied Palestine – believing it to be the land of milk and honey – to leave it. I call upon them to leave Palestine and to go back to the countries from which they came, so that they do not become cannon fodder in any war into which they are led by the stupid government of Netanyahu, because if Netanyahu wages a war in this region, these [Jews] will not have enough time to leave Palestine, and they will find no safe place within occupied Palestine itself.


"In the past, all the suggested evidence and even some public statements indicated that Saudi Arabia supported the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. Now, the official Saudi positon is different. But if we assume that there is still a de facto position of that kind, we must warn against it, and say to the rulers of Saudi Arabia that the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan and the beginning of the region's partition will reach Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia will be partitioned. Definitely! Saudi Arabia is the country most prone to partitioning. Its land is vast, it has domestic conflicts, the media's efforts to hide them notwithstanding, it has a lot of oil and natural resources, which are coveted by many... If, God forbid, Iraq or Syria are partitioned, Saudi Arabia will find itself at the top of the list [of countries prone to partition]."

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