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Jul 29, 2021
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Hamas Official Musa Abu Marzouk: We Accept Any Aid Offered, Even From The Americans, But Iran Helps Hamas More Than Any Other Country, In Training, Weapons, And Expertise

#9008 | 01:41
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

Deputy chairman of Hamas abroad Musa Abu Marzouk said that "as a liberation" movement, Hamas accepts aid from any country that offers it, including the Americans, but Iran helps Hamas more than any other country. He made his remarks in an interview that aired on Hiwar TV (U.K.) on July 29, 2021. Abu Marzouk said that there is no limit to Iran’s aid for Hamas, and it includes military training, weapons, and know-how. He asked: "How can we not thank Iran for that?" For more information about Musa Abu Marzouk, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8851, 5818, 4492, and 1043.

Interviewer: "What would you say to those who criticize Hamas for repeatedly expressing gratitude to Iran, and where is the relationship with Iran heading?"


Musa Abu Marzouk: "We are a liberation movement. We suffered severe injustice, and we need anyone who can help us. We do not refuse even American aid to the Palestinian people. When Americans offered to build a hospital near Erez [Crossing], we welcomed that. We are people under occupation, without sovereignty or land. This whole story about a government, a foreign minister, and so on, is one big lie. This is all part of the Israeli policy. We are a nation that wants liberation.

"Therefore, we thank anyone who helps is and welcome any help we can get. Iran is one of the countries that helps Hamas the most, so why shouldn’t we thank Iran? It is a country that... Moreover, all the countries have limits to their aid. The only country that ignores the limits imposed on Hamas is Iran. It helps us militarily in training, weapons, expertise, and all that. And then you want us to not thank Iran for all that?"

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