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Sep 12, 2014
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Musa Abu Marzouq: Negotiating with Israel No Longer Taboo for Hamas

#4492 | 01:49
Source: Online PlatformsAl-Quds TV (Lebanon)

Hamas official Musa Abu Marzouq was recently interviewed by Al-Quds TV. During the interview, Abu Marzouq said that negotiating with Israel is not religiously forbidden, and that Hamas may need to resort to such a course in the future, in light of present circumstances. This excerpt was cut out of the interview that was broadcast on Al-Quds TV on September 12, but was leaked and posted on the Internet.

Host: "Will the Hamas movement ever negotiate with Israel?"

Musa Abu Marzouq: "According to Islamic law, there is no objection to negotiating with the occupation - just as you can negotiate with it by force of arms, you can do so with words. I think that if things remain as they are today, Hamas may have no choice... I say this in all honesty, because this has almost become a demand made by all the people of Gaza. Hamas may have no choice but to engage in this. At a time when (Gaza) becomes a burden... How should I put it? When the most basic rights of the people of Gaza become too heavy a burden for our brothers in the PA and the government, many policies that were considered taboo by Hamas may end up on our movement's agenda. It has been our policy so far not to negotiate with the occupation, but people should realize that this is not prohibited."

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