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Nov 18, 2015
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Moroccan Cleric Abdellah Nhari: Terror in the West Is Fabricated to Prevent Anti-Government Intifada

#5177 | 07:06
Source: The Internet

In a monologue posted on the Internet on November 18, 2015, Moroccan cleric Abdellah Nhari said that "the terrorism we are witnessing today is fabricated and its trademark is "made in ZSC – Zionist, Safavid, Crusader." "An Arab Spring was on the verge of breaking out in Europe, and they had to produce terrorism in order to divert the public opinion of the Europeans from their causes," he said, adding that the West had prior knowledge in 95% of the attacks in Europe and the U.S.

Abdellah Nhari: "For the second time in the same year, Paris is shaken by attacks that are condemned in all aspects.


"The Muslims have condemned this because all human lives are the same. But do they dare condemn the terrorism that harms the Muslims? We are required to condemn... Not required... Our religion rejects the unrightful killing of any person under any pretext. As for them... The monks and priests, the Jewish and Christian scholars... How come we haven't heard even a whisper on their part, while the blood of Muslims flows like rivers in broad daylight? But they do not serve as role models for us in any case. Our role model is the prophet of Allah. Even if they don't do, what they should do, this does not mean that the Muslims should eschew their duty as ordained by Allah.


"Why is the whole world expected to join the Paris festival, and people [are expected] to fly flags of France, in order to express their solidarity with [the victims] of this massacre? What's their position about the other blood? Is it that blood flows in the veins of Parisians, whereas water flows in the veins of Muslims?


The terrorism that we are witnessing today is artificial, fabricated. Its trademark is 'made in ZSC' – Zionist, Safavid, Crusader. Why? In order to accomplish some interest against the nation of Muhammad, in order to mobilize the world against it and throw dust in people's eyes, so that [the Muslims] will be suspected of this. Like Bush said: You are either with us or against us in this Crusader war. This is a new Crusader, Zionist, Safavid war against the nation of Muhammad.


"Why do they produce terrorism? First of all, Europe is experiencing stifling economic crises, which have caused unrest among Europeans, who began demanding their rights. The top brass Europeans began to fear that a European Spring was coming. An Arab Spring was on the verge of breaking out in Europe, and they had to produce terrorism in order to divert the public opinion of the Europeans from their causes.


"98 percent of the terrorist attacks in America and in Europe are carried out by European Christians. They inflate the other 2 percent, and present the Christians as peace doves. Listen to this: In America there were 190,000 terror attacks. In the 50 states of the US, there were 190,000 terror attacks, of which the Muslims carried out 37. 37 attacks by Muslims, including 9/11, which they attribute to the Muslims... 37 attacks out of 190,000 terrorist attacks. Someone guns down students at school. A father slaughters his children. We all know that this happens in America. Out of the 190,000 terrorist attacks, the Muslims carried out only 37. Allah Akbar! There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger! Listen to this peculiar piece of information. According to the statistics, in 95% of the attacks in Europe and the US, the West had prior knowledge of them. It's not me saying this. It's the political analysts. 95% of the attacks in Europe and the US were carried out under the eyes of the intelligence agencies.


"The makers of terrorism do what they do for several reasons. Their first goal is to keep Europe in fear. They want to divert European public opinion from the daily problems of the Europeans, in order to stop them from staging an Intifada to demand their rights. That is why, after the Charlie Hebdo [attack], the popularity of Francois Hollande rose from 13% to 29%.


"Terror making is a complicated trade, but it is effective in maintaining fear, in protecting Israel, in distorting the image of Islam, and in selling weapons, in order to resolve the problem of liquidity in the West. The weapon manufacturers, who control the war trade, cannot allow their plants to work at less than full capacity. If peace prevails throughout the world - to whom will we sell F-16s, Rafale planes, tanks, AK-47s, helicopters, submarines, bullets, tear-gas bombs, and so on and so forth? This is a trade. They are called war merchants. 'Every time they kindled the fire of war, Allah extinguished it.' In addition, they want to silence the preachers, so that if a preacher speaks the truth, he is accused of being a terrorist."


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