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Dec 28, 2015
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Memorial Ceremony for Terrorist Samir Quntar in Berlin: Leader, Martyr, and Symbol

#5240 | 03:17
Source: The Internet

In a memorial ceremony for terrorist Samir Quntar, held in Berlin on December 28, Sheikh Hassan Shahrour, head of the Al-Mustafa Association in Berlin, eulogized Quntar as a "leader and martyr, the liberated prisoner, a man who is a symbol," who throughout his captivity "would vanquish his captors with his firm will, determination, and intrepidity."

Following are excerpts:

Hassan Shahrour: We are here today in order to eulogize the leader and martyr, the liberated prisoner, a man who is a symbol. Yes, throughout his captivity he would vanquish his captor with his firm will, determination, and intrepidity.


When he was freed, he said his famous words: "I have returned from Palestine in order to return to Palestine."

My brothers, I sense a somewhat subdued tone in your applause and prayers. This is Samir Quntar we are talking about. You should give him a big round of applause. The enemy could not stand seeing the martyr Samir Quntar free and waging resistance, so they assassinated him. These are the ways of cowards. Samir Quntar's blood makes the enemy lose sleep. His pure blood, along with the blood of all the other martyrs, will haunt the enemies of Allah for all eternity.


Some of the biased media outlets claim that Samir Quntar was a terrorist, who killed innocent people in the attack. Those who died in the attack were killed in the crossfire with the Israeli enemy. That is what happened. But [these media outlets] forget about those who burn families in Palestine, like the Dawabshe family recently. Have forgotten Muhhamad Al-Durra? Have you forgotten Iman Hajjo? Have you forgotten entire Palestinian families that were burnt? Have you forgotten about the children in Gaza who were killed? Indeed, assassination is the way of the cowards. Recently, and further back in history, they arrested [sic] the mujahid Ghassan Kanfani, Kamal 'Udwan, Abu Jihad Al-Wazir, Al-Rantisi, and Abu Ali Mustafa, as well as the son of the leader Ahmed Jibril. These [Israeli] cowards are the real terrorists. These are the night bats that kill innocent people in their homes. Bless Muhammad and his family!

Crowd: Allah, bless Muhammad and his family!

Hassan Shahrour: Yes, Samir Quntar made a pledge to all the martyrs, and he followed the path, in keeping with his pledge, until his life culminated in martyrdom.


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