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Sep 23, 2008
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Liberal Kuwaiti Journalist Sami Al-Nisf and Pro-Saddam Jordanian University Professor Ibrahim 'Alloush Debate Whether Arabs Should Employ Violence against the U.S.

#1914 | 02:54
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a debate on U.S. policies in the Middle East which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on September 23, 2008

Jordanian University lecturer Dr. Ibrahim 'Alloush: I'd like to salute whoever conducts resistance against the Zionist-American hegemony in this world – whether by means of politics or by means of weapons. I salute all the resistance fighters – from Venezuela to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Lebanon and Palestine, but I would especially like to salute to the martyrdom-seeking drivers in Jerusalem.

Kuwaiti journalist Sami Al-Nisf: We have tried this formula a hundred times. This is the same formula of Stalin, Hitler, Kim Il-Sung, Qadhafi, Saddam, and so on. They all used bombastic words, all had "deep throats," but at the end of the day – and that's the greatest mistake – one should look at the figures, rather than the words. These people destroy their countries. They tell you that they are fighting the Great Satan, and that you must therefore accept oppression within your country. These countries are always oppressed. You must accept the shedding of blood and the waste of money and resources. They are in a state of war with the Great Satan, and therefore, you are not allowed to hold them accountable for anything.


The Gulf countries are the best example of success in the Arab world, whether you like it or not. We must know what we are talking about. The revolutionary Arab countries – Saddam, Libya, the former South Yemen – exemplify failure. These people destroy the present, as well as the future.


Look at the extent of commerce between the U.S. and Chavez. It has grown to almost $40 billion.

Interviewer: Despite all his big talk...

Sami Al-Nisf: Let me tell you why. The U.S. considers these people to be idiots, who talk and talk but cause no harm. You remember "Pineapple Face," Manuel Noriega? They attacked and kicked him out. Saddam, with all his big talk, ended up like a mouse in a hole...

Ibrahim 'Alloush: Behave yourself!

Sami Al-Nisf: You behave yourself!

Ibrahim 'Alloush: Don't dare to talk about Saddam this way! Behave yourself!

Sami Al-Nisf: You received oil coupons from him.

Ibrahim 'Alloush: At least I'm not America's dog. At least I'm not a collaborator.


Interviewer: You want us to follow in the footsteps of Chavez and of Morales in Bolivia, and all those leaders who expel [U.S.] ambassadors, right? In the recent past – without naming names – many Arab rulers locked horns with the U.S., and said: "To hell with America" – pardon my language – but what was the result of all this?

Ibrahim 'Alloush: What was the result?

Interviewer: All those who locked horns with the U.S. are now begging it...

Ibrahim Al-Nisf: Condoleezza Rice is visiting Libya...

Interviewer: Don't mention names... They all sing the praise of Condoleezza Rice's beauty. It’s not me saying this. I have heard it dozens of times. What's better? To lock horns, or to coexist with the world?

Ibrahim 'Alloush: These people lack taste as well as brains, if they sing the praise of Condoleezza Rice.

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