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Nov 17, 2023
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Lebanese Writer Mohmmad Gharawi: The Jews Invented Their Religion As A Framework For Taking Over The World; Arab Leaders Must Be Jewish – Why Else Are They Protecting The Jews, Allowing Them To Continue With Their 'Grand Plan'?

#10678 | 04:14
Source: Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq)

Lebanese writer Mohammad Gharawi said on a November 17, 2023 show on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) that Jews have invented their religion as a "framework" for taking over the world. He said that the Jews control the fields of economy, military, ideology, and culture. Gharawi added that the Jews have slayed the prophets, were responsible for the death of the Prophet Muhammad, and they are behind the killing of "all the believers and righteous."

He went on to say that the Jews think they must corrupt the world and that they spread moral decay and usury through Freemasonry and "Global Zionism." Gharawi stated that the Arabs must realize that their leaders are in fact Jewish, as there is no other reason to explain why Arab countries have been intercepting the missiles fired at the Jews by the believers. He continued to claim that the Jews planted "Jewish ideas" in the heads of the rulers in the region and that they are fulfilling a Jewish religious obligation by protecting the Jews from the Nile to the Euphrates so the Jews can continue with their "grand plan."

Mohmmad Gharawi: "They themselves invented the religion that the believe in. They invented it in order to adhere to it in the framework that they created, and not in the divine framework that existed previously in Judaism, the divine revelation in the Torah, and all that. They invented a new religion and a framework for taking over the world. Their most prominent thinkers say that Judaism should rule the world, because they are God's Chosen People. This rule will manifest in numerous fields – economy, military, ideology, culture, and so on.


"All the wars that waged against our region... It is well known that the Jews are the slayers of prophets. If you contemplate history, you will find that ever since the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, they tried to kill him a number of times. Even when the Prophet Muhammad was martyred, it was said that the Jews were behind that. This is even without mentioning the other prophets and imams.

"If we contemplate the roots of Judaism, we will find that it was behind the slaying of prophets, imams, and the righteous. To this very day, we see that the Jews are behind the killing of all the believers and the righteous. We can see that it is the Jews, the global Jewish movement that is killing them. No doubt they think that they must corrupt the world. This is why we see that all corruption – be it cultural corruption that is manifest in pornographic films, or moral decay, as well as cultural and moral corruption...

"If you check the secret dimensions of all this, you will find that it is the Jews behind that. You will find that it is Freemasonry and global Zionism that are behind this. This is true for the economy as well. All the corruption... You can see that from the outset, the Jews have been the masters of usury. They are the ones who control global economy.


"The leaders of the Israeli entity used to say that the Arab and Islamic world would wake up and see that their leaders are Jews. This is what we see today. I don't want to name the [Arab] leaders, their family trees, and how their mothers were Jewish. They are serving [the Jews]. It has become more and more clear that the Arab leaders that are meeting now in the service of Israel are intercepting the missiles fired by the believers in order to hit the Jews.

"We see that they are intercepting [the missiles]. If they are not Jews – what should we think about them? This is not political ideology. They are cousins. When the Emiratis normalized their relations [with Israel], I often saw on social media that Emiratis who went to occupied Palestine literally said: 'We are cousins, we serve one another'. This is the idea.

"Thus, it is becoming more and more obvious that [the Jews] planted Jewish ideas in the heads of the rulers of the region, and these rulers are fulfilling their religious role, that obligates them to protect [the Jews] from the Nile to the Euphrates, so [the Jews] can continue with their grand plan."

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