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Nov 02, 2023
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Lebanese Sunni Scholar Dr. Hassan Moraib: The Leaders Of The U.S., France, Germany, Italy, And Britain Have Blood On Their Hands And Should Face Trial; We've Got No Problem With People Dying, Since We All Want To Become Martyrs

#10612 | 01:44
Source: Teleliban TV (Lebanon)

Lebanese Sunni scholar Dr. Hassan Moraib said on a November 2, 2023 show on Tele Liban (Lebanon) that he believes America, France, Germany, Italy, and Britain "are all criminals," because they are part of the bombings in Gaza. He continued to say that these countries have based their involvement on "fake" photos. Moraib added that Hamas walked into southern Israel on October 7 and only fought the people who fought back against them, and "they did not attack women and children." He said that Biden and the other heads of state should also stand trial like Netanyahu, and "their hands are soiled with blood." Moraib continued to say that the resistance doesn’t consider people dying to be a problem, "on the contrary," because whoever dies becomes a martyr. He said that he himself hopes to become a martyr, and he added: "This is what we wish for. Victory or martyrdom."

Hassan Moraib: "I believe that America, France, Germany, Italy, and Britain are all criminals. Those governments are criminal, because they participated in the bombing by the Israeli enemy…"

Interviewer: "They are basing this on the pictures from what happened on October 7…"

Moraib: "What pictures? Those pictures are fake."

Interviewer: "Hamas started by targeting civilians."

Moraib: "Not true."

Interviewer: "This is what they are saying…"

Moraib: "You are a professional journalist. Even what CNN said was refuted. Nothing of what they said was true. [Hamas] walked in and fought people who were fighting back, but they did not attack women and children, like they are saying. These are lies. They themselves admitted that this was not true.

"So they based their crime on a lie, just like their attack on Iraq was based on the lie of the existence of nuclear weapons there. They always perpetrate crimes on the basis of lies and fabrications. So the world is criminal. Those governments are criminal. I believe that just like Netanyahu should stand trial, Biden and the heads of all those countries should stand trial, because they are criminals and their hands are soiled with blood.


"I believe that the resistance anywhere does not have a problem with people dying. On the contrary, whoever dies is a martyr. I hope I become a martyr. I wish I would become a martyr on the path to Palestine. So if 50 [Lebanese] martyrs were killed, let there be 100, 200, and 1000, on the path to Gaza and Palestine. They are martyrs, and are sustained by their Lord. This is what we wish for. Victory or martyrdom. So it is not a problem."

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