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Oct 14, 2023
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Lebanese MP Ihab Matar: If Israel Invades Gaza That Will Be A Declaration Of War Against Lebanon

#10554 | 00:48
Source: MTV (Lebanon)

Lebanese MP Ihab Matar said on an October 14, 2023 show on MTV (Lebanon) that if Israel invades Gaza, this would be considered a declaration of war against Lebanon. He explained that in such a case, the Lebanese people would have a national and pan-Arab duty to help the Palestinians stop Israel from growing stronger and moving on to other places once it is done with Gaza.

Interviewer: "If Israel invades Gaza, would that constitute a war against Lebanon?"

Ihab Matar: "Of course."

Interviewer: "Are you serious?"

Matar: "Yes, of course."

Interviewer: "In what sense would that be a war against Lebanon?"

Matar: "We would have a duty – a national and a pan-Arab duty – to help [the Palestinians] so that Israel does not grow stronger, and does not go to other places, once it finishes with Gaza."

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