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Nov 15, 2023
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Lebanese MP Elias Hankach: Lebanon Used To Be The Cradle Of Innovation; Now Our Biggest Dream Is To Have Electricity For Six Hours Straight; We Should Abide By Resolution 1701, The Solution Does Not Have To Always Be Missiles And Destruction

#10679 | 01:53
Source: LBC (Lebanon)

Lebanese MP Elias Hankach said on a November 15, 2023 show on LBC TV (Lebanon) that the Lebanese army and UNIFIL should control the border with Israel, following UN Resolution 1701. He said that the biggest dream Lebanese people have is a steady supply of electricity, running water, and security. Hankach said that Lebanon wants a two-state solution for Palestine following the resolution of the 2002 Arab Summit, not destruction and killing.

Elias Hankach: "I would like the Lebanese army to control the frontline [in south Lebanon]. I would like UNIFIL to be present there, and we could go back to UN Resolution 1701. This is what the Lebanese wish. This is how their honor and dignity can be protected.

"Someone told me that if our economy is ruined, nobody will restore our honor. Honor is manifest in GDP and the Gross National Income. This is how we can live with honor. I do not think that anyone in the UAE, in Dubai, is living without honor. People are happy, they work and live, earn money, plan their future, fulfil their dreams.

"Our biggest dream today is to have electricity for six hours straight, and to have running water, so women don't have to buy water once a week. Our biggest dream is that our children can go to school, restaurant, or the cinema, without us having to wait by the window for their return. These are now the dreams of the people of Lebanon, which used to be the cradle of culture, creation, and innovation.

"This is what has become of us? is this the kind of life we want? If we accept this, let's just wait and see what Hizbullah and its secretary-general do to us. No. We want to determine our own destiny. Just like we support Palestinian self-determination and the two-state solution – as proclaimed by the 2002 Arab summit in Beirut... That is the solution. Should the solution always be destruction, missiles, and killing?"

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