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Nov 08, 2023
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Lebanese Ba'ath Party Leader Ali Hijazi Unveils The Party's Military Wing: The 'Ba'ath Forces' Are Prepared To Confront The Zionist Enemy; Hizbullah Cannot Be Responsible For The Defense Of This Country By Itself

#10646 | 02:06
Source: OTV (Lebanon)

Ali Hijazi, secretary-general of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Lebanon said in a November 8, 2023 show on OTV (Lebanon) that his party has a military wing called the "Ba'ath Forces." He said that this group is armed and prepared to "participate in the confrontation with the Zionist enemy." He added that Hizbullah cannot be the only group responsible for the defense of Lebanon. Hijazi stated that many of the people fighting in Palestine today had trained in Syria or carry Syrian weapons.

Hijazi: "I swear that may of the people fighting today in Palestine, trained in Syria, passed through Syria, carry Syrian weapons, or carry weapons that were produced with Syrian know-how. So Syria is part of the axis that is leading this war."

Host: "We saw that the Islamic Group and the SSNP declared that they have military wings that are present in South Lebanon. Today, you declared that your party has a military wing."

Hijazi: "Right, it is called the Baath Forces. It is a serious military wing. It is not a military wing just for the fun of it. It is not just talk. We have prepared our military wing, bearing the name 'Baath Forces,' to participate in the confrontation with the Zionist enemy. This is in keeping with our pan-Arab and national position."

Host: "Is this an armed military wing?"

Hijazi: "Yes. Armed one."

Host: "So you are prepared to carry out attacks?"

Hijazi: "They carry weapons and are involved in the activity of the resistance."

Host: "Can we call it a show?"

Hijazi: "I swear, it has nothing to do with theater. I know full well that some people will say that this is idle talk, but this is a time of war, not a time to have fun. We have young men in uniform, who are trained and ready to participate in the activity of the resistance."

Host: "But some Lebanese ask why the Baath Party in Lebanon should be armed and ready to participate in the resistance."

Hijazi: "I call upon all the Lebanese political parties that belong to our axis to be ready, because Hizbullah cannot be responsible all by itself for the defense of this country."

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