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Sep 02, 2019
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Lebanese Researcher Riyadh Eid: Macron's Wife Is a Rothschild; French Initiative to Keep Iran in the JCPOA Comes from "Jewish Capitalism"

#7462 | 01:23
Source: LuaLua TV (Bahraini Opposition)

Lebanese researcher Riyadh Eid said in a September 2, 2019 interview on LuaLua TV (Bahraini Opposition) that French President Emmanuel Macron's wife is a member of the Rothschild family, which he said controls financial systems in the U.S. and Europe along with other Jewish families, and that Macron became president because the Rothschilds paid whatever amount of money was necessary to bring him into power. Eid also claimed that the recent French initiative to keep Iran in the JCPOA comes from the Rothschild family, from the American financial bloc, and from "Jewish capitalism."


Riyadh Eid: Who is Macron? Macron's wife is a Rothschild. Who is Rothschild? Rothschild is the one who controls the U.S. Federal Reserve by means of his financial empire, and, along with the Jewish families, he commands all the banks in Europe. Macron became president of France because of Rothschild. May all the advocates of democracy forgive me, but for the first time in the history of democracies, a president without a political party or anything has been parachuted... They paid whatever it took, and he succeeded in becoming president. So when you see this initiative [to keep Iran in the JCPOA], you know that it is the initiative of the people behind Macron. I may be wrong, but my analysis tells me that it was at the behest of America's financial bloc and Rothschild that...

Interviewer: The Jewish capitalism...

Riyadh Eid: Yes, the Jewish capitalism urged Macron to come up with this initiative.

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