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Nov 07, 2021
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Lebanese University Professor Ridwan Al-Sayyid: Hizbullah Has Taken Our Government As Collateral; PM Mikati Should Resign If He Cannot Fire Information Minister Kurdahi

#9165 | 02:27
Source: 1TV (Afghanistan)

Ridwan Al-Sayyid, a professor of Islamic studies at the Lebanese University, said in an October 30, 2021 interview on Al-Arabiya Netowrk (Saudi Arabia) that Lebanese PM Najib Mikati should resign if he cannot fire Information Minister George Kurdahi, who went on record saying that the Houthis in Yemen are defending themselves against Saudi "foreign aggression" (for more information, see MEMRITV clip no 9152). Al-Sayyid described Kurdahi as a "whore," who hates Arabs and Muslims. He further said that Hizbullah has taken the Lebanese government as collateral, "to secure its demands in the Beirut Port blast issue."

Ridwan Al-Sayyid: "Three weeks ago, I did not know what information Minister Kurdahi had said, but I said to Prime Minister Mikati: 'Most of the people you appointed to your cabinet are unfit to be cabinet members.' I specifically mentioned Information Minister [Kurdahi]. I said: 'How can the Information Minister be the face of the government even though he is a 'whore'? I used this word even though it is shameful.

"His response was: 'Don’t focus on the cabinet members. Focus on me.' So I am saying to him now: 'This has happened in Lebanon in the past. When a cabinet member does something twisted, the President and the Prime Minister agree to fire him.' Unless Mikati fires him in the next few hours, he should resign himself. His government is on hold and does not convene.

"Hizbullah has taken this government as collateral to secure its demands in the Beirut Port blast issue. The cabinet does not convene anyway.

"Of all the things [Mikati] has tried to do, nothing has happened. Mikati can now fire this cabinet member – he is the Prime Minister. If he cannot fire him because Hizbullah has taken Lebanon as collateral, then he should resign. We must not sacrifice our relations with the Arab countries and our Arab identity for the sake of that Kurdahi, who has been known, for many years, for his hatred of the Arabs and the Muslims. How could you make him a cabinet member – an Information Minister no less? Fire him or resign! If Mikati fails to do so, he will be bringing a terrible catastrophe upon Lebanon."

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