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Jan 30, 2023
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Iran-Based Lebanese Nuclear Physicist Dr. Hadi Issa Daloul: Any Country That Supports Israel Will Be Targeted; Any Person Who Aids The Zionists Is Himself A Zionist

#10105 | 00:44
Source: Russia Today TV (Russia)

Lebanese nuclear physicist Dr. Hadi Issa Daloul said in a January 30, 2023 interview on Russia Today TV that any country that supports Israel and "implements a terrorist Israeli agenda" will be targeted. He also said that anyone who aids the Zionists is himself a Zionist.

"Any Country That Supports Israel And Implements A Terrorist Israeli Agenda Will Be Targeted"

Dr. Hadi Issa Daloul: "Any country that supports Israel and implements a terrorist Israeli agenda will be targeted. I don't want to repeat this every day.

Any pro-Zionist who uses his weapons in the service of the Zionists will be branded a Zionist, and will be fought just like the Zionists. It does not matter if they are Arabs or not — anyone supporting the Zionists is a Zionist."

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