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Sep 17, 2017
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German Imam Encourages Congregation to Vote in Elections: We Care about This Country and Its Security

#6209 | 01:52
Source: The Internet - "Al-Sahaba Mosque on YouTube"

In a September 15 Friday sermon, Imam Ali Al-Sharafi called for Muslims to participate in the upcoming elections in Germany, saying that this did not contradict Islamic law. In the sermon, which was delivered at the Al-Sahaba Mosque in Lüneburg, Germany, Imam Al-Sharafi said the democratic method was "the most sublime achievement of humanity in the modern age," and that caring about the interests and security of the country did not constitute heresy. The sermon was posted on the Internet.

Ali Al-Sharafi: "In ten days or so, elections will be held in Germany. Many Muslims will not participate in these elections. I asked some people I know whether they would vote in the elections, and many said they would not. It is as if they think they will get closer to Allah by refraining from voting. Some of them are happy. They think that they are good and pious Muslims just because they do not vote. We seem to be suffering from psychological pressure, and to have inherited fatwas by the ulema of the rulers in our countries, or, perhaps, this is simply our political background, (leading us to believe) that elections have no significance and cannot change people's lives.

"But the truth is that all this is an illusion. The shari'a does not run counter to elections. On the contrary, this method of electing the ruler, holding him accountable, unseating him, and working for the benefit of the public interest is one of the best methods in this day and age. Today, by the simple act of voting, in one day, people can topple a president or a government, and give rise to a new government – all in a single day – this is the most sublime achievement of humanity in the modern age.


"The number one thing we have in mind is the best interest of the country, because we are here, our children are here, and the next generations will be here. We should have our country's best interest in mind. Some Muslims believe that what I am saying is heresy. We care about the interests of this country and about its security. We want to protect this country, and some people think this is heresy. No! This does not contradict Islam!"

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