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Feb 04, 2024
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Kuwaiti Islamic Scholar And Muslim Brotherhood Leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan: 'October 7 Was A Clear Start' To The Liberation Of Palestine; Rome Will Be In Our Hands One Day; Mohamed Morsi Supplied The Equipment Used To Dig The Tunnels In Gaza

#10926 | 02:41

Kuwaiti Islamic scholar and Muslim Brotherhood leader Tareq Al-Suwaidan said in a lecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that he met with Ismail Haniyeh a week before the lecture. He said that Palestine will be free, that October 7 was a "very clear start" to this, and that Hamas cannot be crushed. Al-Suwaidan said that Istanbul is in the hands of the Muslims and so will Rome be "one day too." He said that normalizing relations with Israel makes the leaders of Arab countries "traitors" to Islam and the Islamic nation. Al-Suwaidan said that the tunnels in Gaza were all built in one year, during the rule of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, who, he said, supplied the equipment.

Tareq Al-Suwaidan: "We look today at the situation in the Muslim world today and the situation in Gaza…I was just last week with my brother Ismail Haniyeh, so I got the details of what is going on. Istanbul, Allah be praised, is now in our hands. Rome will one day be in our hands, and every house and every tent will have a Muslim in it. Palestine will be free – there is no question about it. It started by the way – October 7 was a very clear start. They cannot crush Hamas, they have no hope of crushing Hamas. I tell you, brothers and sisters, with all of this bombing, Hamas lost less than 20% of its power.

"And that brings us to the last question: Why is the Arab world moving towards normalizing relations with Israel? First of all, I want to correct that – not all of the Arab world is moving in that direction. Those that are moving in that direction have all banned me from entering their countries. [Laughs.] All of them. I am banned from eleven Arab countries – because we speak harshly against normalization. This is being traitors. Normalizing relations with Israel is making you traitors to Islam and the Islamic nation. You follow what is going on in Palestine, and you follow those tunnels that the Palestinians have, and you know, if you are following the news, that there are hundreds of kilometers. How did they dig that? Did you think? How were they able to dig these tunnels? They happened in one year, when Mohamed Morsi was ruling. He gave them the equipment to do that."

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