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Mar 30, 2020
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Visions of the Post-Coronavirus World - Kuwaiti Economist Saeed Tawfiqi: America, Europe Will Decline, China Will Rise; People Should Start Learning Chinese, Using Yuans

#7921 | 01:52
Source: The Internet - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV Show"

Kuwaiti economist Saeed Tawfiqi said in a March 30, 2020 interview on Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV (Kuwait) that in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. and Europe will enter a sharp decline, and China will become stronger. He advised people in the Gulf states to start learning Chinese instead of English and using yuans instead of dollars.

Saeed Tawfiqi: "After the coronavirus the world will change its theories."

Interviewer: "The American-Chinese conflict will change..."

Saeed Tawfiqi: "I'm telling you: The Chinese are coming. They are coming in strong. Not that they are not present now, but I'm advising you to change the currency of your credit card from the dollar to the yuan.


"American companies will face problems. The Americans will lose faith in the general political and economic system once their hospitals are overwhelmed and we will start to see patients in the hallways and in the streets – just like what happened in Italy... All the companies will move to China.


"The headquarters of [multi-national companies] will now move to China. They will say that in China, it is easier to deal with... Sometimes, decision-making is easier in non-capitalist, non-bureaucratic regimes.


"No civilization lasts forever. Western civilization now..."

Interviewer: "Europe is sick..."

Saeed Tawfiqi: "In 1990, when the Berlin Wall and Communism came down, it was a surprise and it happened fast. So this is not out of the question. I'm not talking about collapse, but about a decline, and then a sharp decline in favor of China."

Interviewer: "Britain has left [the EU]...

Saeed Tawfiqi: "I say that we should get ready. I said this a few days ago. In Kuwait and in the other countries, we are used to speaking English and saying: 'Hi, good morning...' From now on, we will say 'zaijian' – 'Goodbye... Good evening...' If it isn't you and me, it will be our children."

Interviewer: "So you say to people in Kuwait, the Gulf, and other Arab countries that they should learn Chinese..."

Saeed Tawfiqi: "Yes. It's in their best interest."


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