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Nov 05, 2017
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Kuwaiti Researcher Dr. Fahd Al-Shelaimi: The Muslim Brotherhood Is a Terrorist Organization; Hizbullah Is a Greater Threat than Israel

#6286 | 01:35
Source: Online Platforms - "Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV"

Kuwaiti researcher Dr. Fahd Al-Shelaimi, Chairman of the Gulf Forum for Peace and Security, said that the Muslim Brotherhood was a terrorist organization that brought ruin upon the Arab countries that had undergone revolutions and that constitutes a threat to the security of the Arab Gulf states. He further said that Hizbullah had become "a greater threat to us than Israel." The interview with Al-Shelaimi aired on the Diwan Al-Mulla Internet TV show on November 5.


Dr. Fahd Al-Shelaimi: "The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. Its sympathizers are terrorists. Its protectors are terrorists. Its funders are terrorists. It brought ruin upon the Arab countries that had undergone revolutions. The Muslim Brotherhood excels at hijacking revolutions, and at taking over people's daily concerns. The Muslim Brotherhood has a different appearance and flavor in every country. Here in Kuwait, they are of the 'reformist' kind, but they are capable of amassing money and sending it to other groups. In Egypt, they are of the violent kind, and there are fierce battles with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Getting anywhere near the Muslim Brotherhood is a sin, as has been proven by history.




"The Muslim Brotherhood does not want reforms, I'm sad to say. It wants to rule by any means. Providing assistance to this organization – whether by means of aid, housing, fatwas, or the media – constitutes a threat to the security of the Arab Gulf states.




"We say about Hamas: At least it is fighting Israel... Well, we applauded Hizbullah when it fought Israel, but now it has become a greater threat to us than Israel."

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