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Oct 29, 2006
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Khaled Hadadeh, Secretary-General of Lebanese Communist Party: We Hope Our Fighters Manage to Capture an Israeli Soldier

#1312 | 03:32
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Khaled Hadadeh, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Communist Party , which aired on Al-Manar TV on October 29, 2006:

Khaled Hadadeh: When we go to Damascus, we will not demand that the person carrying the rod be replaced, but that the rod be broken, and that the logic of oppression be replaced by reform and democratic change. We will demand a critical reexamination of Syrian-Lebanese relations. We will freedom for Michel Kilo and his comrades, and freedom of expression for Omar Amiralai, and for all the patriotic and democratic oppositionists. We will demand that the prisons in Syria be shut down - not only in Syria, but in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and all the Arab regimes as well.


It has become clear to all the Lebanese that the political rookies, the merchants of politics, and the petty leaders of the sects have become so fickle, so irresponsible, and so proud of their subjugation to foreign forces that they are not interested in sovereignty or independence. Instead, all they care about it so have a monopoly on the [political] rule, and to continue with their plundering and deceitful policies, even though they know that all this will lead to a definite explosion.

Their justification of the [Israeli] aggression, their attempt to place responsibility for it on Hizbullah, and their insinuation that held accountable for capturing the two Israeli soldiers – all this, from a patriotic prospective, is a national crime, bordering on treason. They know the reasons for the aggression and its goals. Washington and Tel Aviv decided to attack Lebanon, and some Europeans and Arabs knew about this. Those merchants of politics who criticize Hizbullah say that they had warned Hizbullah about American and Israeli preparations, and had advised it to refrain from doing anything, so there would not be an attack - even though an attack had already been decided upon.


Our party, which supported the heroic capturing operation, supports further operations like it, in order to liberate our prisoners, especially Samir Al-Quntar...


Our party hopes very much that its fighters will manage to capture an Israeli soldier. This would be a great honor.


We support the efforts of the democratic lawyers in Lebanon to establish an international court – either official or independent – in order to place on trial the president of the U.S.A., members of his administration, and the leaders of the Zionist enemy as war criminals, for the massacres perpetrated against our people during the recent aggression.

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