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Dec 01, 2022
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Dr. Hafez Al-Karmi, Chairman Of The Palestinian Forum in Britain, Criticizes German Interior Minister For Wearing LGBT Rights Armband At World Cup: This Shows Her Colonialist, Arrogant Mentality

#9973 | 01:45
Source: Hiwar TV (U.K.)

Dr. Hafez Al-Karmi, the Jordanian-born chairman of the Palestinian Forum in Britain and director of the Mayfair Islamic Centre in London, said in a December 1, 2022 show on Al-Hiwar TV (UK) that by wearing the "One Love" LGBT rights armband at the World Cup, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser was expressing her "colonialist, condescending, and arrogant mentality." Al-Karmi asked if there are no human rights left besides gay rights, and he said that homosexuality goes against human nature. He also said that the West's support for the "Zionist entity" and the "annihilation" of the Palestinian people demonstrates its double standards regarding human rights.

Dr. Hafez Al-Karmi: "It is peculiar that [criticism of Qatar comes from] countries that claim to champion the rule of law and human rights. Regarding the law, the German Interior Minister is an example. One would expect the Interior Minster to protect the law more than anyone else. It is the Interior Minster who is in charge of enforcing the law, in every country.

"The German Interior Minster came to a country that has its own laws. If I were to visit Germany, I would have to abide by German laws. However, she came to a country that has its own laws, and made this ugly show, which points to her colonialist, condescending, and arrogant mentality. That's one thing."The second issue has to do with human rights. Aren't there any human rights left on Earth to discuss except for this [homosexuality], which runs against the nature of human beings, and [endangers] the survival and continuation of humanity? Human rights...

"People are dying and being killed because of your oppression in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, and in many countries

"This is because of the West's injustice and double standards. Who is it that supports the Zionist entity, with its apartheid and annihilation in Palestine? Isn't that you? After that you dare talk about human rights? What human rights? You kill people as well as animals."

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