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Dec 14, 2014
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Jordanian MP Hind Al-Fayez: I'd Rather Set Myself on Fire than Sign Gas Deal with Israel

#4684 | 02:11
Source: ANB TV (Lebanon/Jordan/London)

In a recent TV interview, Jordanian MP Hind Al-Fayez said that a Jordanian-Israeli gas deal was tantamount to having "dealings with Satan." "I will use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas," said Al-Fayez, who made headlines recently when a heated exchange in parliament went viral, bringing the issue of the Jordanian parliament's quota for women to the attention of Western media.

Following are excerpts from the interview, which aired on the Jordanian/U.K. ANB channel on December 14:

Hind Al-Fayez: We must not have dealings with Satan. We should not use the Jordanian deficit as a pretext to justify dealing with Satan. The Jordanian Kingdom has been having dealings with Satan since 1994, but where has it gotten us? What did it do to our deficit? Let's go back to the issue of other energy sources.

There are many alternatives [to Israeli gas], as you yourself said. While Jordan rushes to sign a deal for the Israeli gas, it is very slow in developing other, local, solutions. I believe in conspiracy theory. There is a conspiracy at play here. They want to starve, enfeeble, and exhaust our people, so that they can justify the shattering of its honor.

No! We will never allow this to happen. King Faisal said: "Even if we have to be naked and barefoot…" I will use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas. I will use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas. Let us stop seeking pretexts.

Jordanian MP Ali Al-Khalaila: I would like to say…

Hind Al-Fayez: Just one last thing. The boycott spells Israel's death. You say that if we do not sign the deal with Israel, it will sign it with another country, but Israel is hoping to blend in the Arab world. However, it will remain an unwanted, parasitical plague. We do not share a common language or religion with it. It will remain a plundering occupier. The boycott spells its death.


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