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Nov 25, 2019
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“Karameh Swords” Tactical Exercise Performed by Jordanian Armed Forces Includes Bombing of Bridges, Use of Artillery, Tanks, Fighter Jets

#7622 | 02:28
Source: Jordan TV

On November 25, 2019, Jordan TV aired a report about “Karameh Swords,” a live-fire tactical exercise performed by the Jordanian Armed Forces that was attended by King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, and senior military officials. The exercise simulated the execution of a defensive plan that involved the bombing of bridges and use of artillery, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, and armored vehicles.

Following are excerpts:


Reporter: When King Abudllah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces, arrived at the location of the “Karameh Swords” tactical exercise, His Majesty was received by Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maj. Gen. Yousef Ahmad Hneiti, the Commander of the Central Military Region, and senior JAF officers.




The “Karameh Swords” exercise simulated the execution of a tight defensive plan. Various maneuvering and supporting weapons were used, and there were preliminary use of artillery and attack fighter aircrafts and helicopters, in order to destroy the enemy’s vanguard and the bridges that could be used as crossing points. In addition, shooting of various small and medium arms took place, as well as anti-tank weapons and explosives. Tanks also took part and fired from fixed and mobile positions.

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