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Oct 05, 2015
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Jordanian Animation Films Seek to Deter Young People from Joining Terrorist Organizations

#5302 | 02:13
Source: The Internet

Two short animation films were posted on the Internet in October as part of a Jordanian anti-terrorism effort, designed to deter young people from joining terrorist organizations. The films, produced by Jordanian artists Rania Isma'il and Hassan Sabaileh, are part of a campaign titled "Terrorism at the Door," which also included a play of the same name, now being performed to audiences of students at various universities throughout Jordan. The films portray a young man who feels neglected by his parents and therefore turns to ISIS websites that promise to transform him into a glorious commander.


Farhan: "Mom, Mom..."



Khadra: "Okay, Hana, we will arrange the party with her over the phone."



Farhan: "Mom..."



Khadra:"What's wrong with you? Can't you see I'm on the phone and late for the party?"



Farhan: "But..."



Khadra:"Shut up!"



Farhan: "Dad, I need a private tutor."



Za'al: "You are no good in school or in any job you could help me with. You are a failure."



Farhan: "No, I'm not."



Za'al: "What did you say? Take that!"



Farhan: "Ouch!"



Voice from computer: "Do you want to be a great leader, rather than someone marginalized? Join us now!"



Za'al "God help us, Khadra. Farhan has joined the terrorist groups!"



Khadra:"Oh my! Our neglect has cost us our son. The terrorist groups have played with his mind."



Za'al: "My son, if only you had chosen the right path."






Farhan: "Salim! Stay out of my private affairs."



Salim: "You are entering terrorist websites? I'm going to tell Mom."






Za'al: "What?"



Khadra:"Salim caught Farhan entering terrorist websites."



Za'al: "What?!"



Farhan: "Dad, these sites popped up by accident when I was downloading new software."



Za'al: "What do they want from you?"



Farhan: "They want to make me a great leader, like they did with others like me."



Za'al: "They want to make you a number to add to their list of crimes. So many young people came to believe these websites, and left school and their families to chase an illusion. By the time they regretted it, it was too late for them to return."



Khadra:"Don't let them poison your minds. Believe me, your country needs you and your future lies ahead of you."



Za'al: "Oh young ones, my sons, beware of the terrorist groups, which hide behind the cloak of religion."


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